Happy New Year

Today is the last day of 2016 and overall it has been a great year (when I haven’t turned on the news or looked at the newspapers!).
This year I have successfully brought a house, enjoyed time with friends- old and new and completed my first module of my surgery certificate with flying colours!

I’m looking forward to the coming year and have of course made some new year’s resolutions as we all do. I’ll try to stick to them!

Happy New Year everyone!

Writer’s blog. I mean block

Hey readers.

It has been a while since I last posted and I’m not even sure this blogging world is even for me. I realise that most people that write a blog do it 24/7 and post really frequently yet I do not have the time. Or do I?

Lately I feel all I have been doing is working. Yet when I look back I have had busier times than this so I do not know why I’m finding this particular busy spell so difficult. My head feels pretty chocka!

I feel like thanks to work I am letting other things slide- like working out or painting or making things…. I love these things yet right now they feel like a chore that I am avoiding. I guess blogging is included in that. I feel like I have not got the time to give it my all so then why bother?!

Anyway this is a really negative post and I pride myself in not being a negative person so lets concentrate on some good things!

Daisy the labrador is well. Geez I love my dog so much!
Albert the cat is also well. And yes I love him too but I also wish he’d share my love for the dog. or even just a little bit to humour me
My other half is a pain in the butt- he is currently revising for his surgery certificate exams (another story which I’ll explain if i get round to doing another post)
The new house is coming along slowly.
Annnnnd I have started a new/different surgery certificate. It is one that has deadlines almost weekly so really gets me motivated to complete the module and I am sailing through i!

There. Turned the post around.
I do have some great ideas for this blogging malarky. I should really just make the time. Any one with any time management tips or a time machine please get in touch!


Just had to share

  Today we had this bunch in at work- staff dogs! At lunch they had great fun playing in the rain! 

I realise I am so fortunate to be able to take me dog to work with me and really I feel truly blessed! When this job takes its toll and I’m feeling upset I just run upstairs and give Daisy a quick cuddle and all is right again 🙂

Do not fear I am still here

It has been too long since I last posted. This will be a quickie to ease my guilt :-s 

Lots has been happening…I have moved house! This is very exciting as it is the first property I have owned. At 28 I am on the property ladder which is a great achievement when you want to buy in Oxfordshire as house prices here are pretty out of reach. I love my house. And more importantly-my other half, my cat and my dog also love the house. 

I’ve included a photo below so you can see it. 


Also, work has been very busy lately. Or atleast I feel like it has been busy when I’ve been juggling that and moving and clearing out my house that I rented. I have been lucky to do some fantastic surgeries and pleased to say that the animals are doing well. 

A cat recently ate a shoe lace which resulted in me having to remove 63cm of intestine….

A dog had horrid gastritis and I went in surgically to biopsy the gut….

Another cat had a hole in its diaphragm allowing its tummy contents to move into the chest cavity and squish it’s lungs so I closed the hole….
Awesome. I love my job. 

I’ve had my hair cut…

It needed to be done. I’m not one for sitting for hours in hair dressers. I’m lucky if I get my hair cut twice a year. To be honest I don’t really like being pampered or fussed with. 
My lovely hairdresser is actually now a friend. We met when I treated her dog. That little doggy is unfortunately no longer with us yet her owner and I have stayed friends and she is a qualified hairdresser. She has her own salon at her home close to my home town and it is so lovely having the intimate one to one service. Part of the reason I usually hate going to the hairdressers is I feel I have nothing in common with the other women in there. My nails are stubby and unmanicured. My hair is usually just pulled up in a messy pony tail….. In Jessica’s salon I don’t have to worry about that kinda stuff and feel at ease.
Anyway here is a before and after shot. I had quite a lot off!!! My other half is still getting used to it. 

Also….another bonus of going to Jessica’s…she let me bring Daisy! Think Daisy quite enjoyed her day! 


Is it really 15 days since my last post??

where does time go?! Since my last post work has been busy. Very busy. This week even more so as my bosses are away (hubby and wife team) and that has left just myself and my colleague. Going from a four vet practice to a two vet has been a challenge and we have done pretty well I reckon! The days were busy but lunch was still had….the biggest downside of the week was all the extra on call emergency shifts. Usually I work one night a week and one weekend in every 4 (on top of my 4 day week). With them off I did Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and tonight as well as every day. I have to admit I am pretty tired! I am now counting down the hours till tomorrow at 6pm when I can hopefully go home! 
As with every week in vet life there has been moments tears and moments of joy and laughter…. This week I’ve also pondered on things I wish I could say to clients but of course can not….

For example when pets are euthanised: it really upsets me that some people don’t stay with their pet in their final moments. Instead they say goodbye and I am left to try and comfort this poor animal who doesn’t know me from Adam. I give them all a kiss and tell them everything will be ok when really all they want is to follow their owner out the door…. I know it is each individual’s choice and I respect that but all I know is, when my time comes I really hope my loved ones stay with me.

Anyway……let’s leave that subject and think positive thoughts. Tomorrow I am hopefully doing bilateral stifle joint surgery on a little dog with dislocated knee caps. I am excited as it is my first operation of this kind. Of course I shall be under direction of someone who has done many and I may not actually get to do too much but I will still enjoy it. I love surgery! 

I shall let you know how that goes….

Ps remember little terrier Betty?! Well my other half had her in for neutering this week. She is doing well. Has a new home with a couple who have no other pets. Apparently their grandchildren love her and she is having a great time!

What a week. Please note: contains graphic pictures of surgical procedures. 

This week has been a busy one. It started with a little 10 year old dog I diagnosed with pyometra. Pyometra is an infection of the uterus. Can sometimes be a life threatening emergency and treatment involves surgery to remove the uterus and ovaries- I.e. Spay. 

The surgery went well and the little dog is doing very well. 

A picture of the uterus filled with pus. 

Later on in the week we were asked to help another dog. This time with a broken leg. The dog belongs to a homeless gentleman and is part of the Hope project ran by Dogs Trust. The dog had unfortunately been hit by a car and two bones were fractured. The repair went well and the dog has a plate and screws holding the fractured bone in place. 

The two pics show a before and after. 
The dog will need to be strictly rested for the next few weeks before gradually returning to exercise to allow the bones to heal. I shall keep you updated on her progress. 
Overall this week has been a fantastic week for me as my main passion within the veterinary profession is surgery. I love the feeling of going into theatre and (hopefully) coming out with a problem fixed. Yes it can be stressful at times and positive results cannot always be guaranteed but when it does go to plan and you see the animal doing well….there is no other feeling like it! 

Daisy’s day at the hospital

Daisy’s pad did not want to heal with just bandages alone so I went ahead and gave her a general anaesthetic on Wednesday. It was a very strange experience operating on my own animal and one I definitely don’t want to repeat too often! 

She was a little angel though throughout the day and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She was great for the nurses who gave her a premed injection to make her feel sleepy and then I gave the injectable anaesthetic and sent her into a peaceful snooze. The stitch up was soon over and she had a beautiful bandage placed by my fantastic nursing team. 



Unfortunately Betty and I were not meant to be… Or rather Daisy and Betty were not meant to be as I spent most of my day off pulling young Betty off of Daisy! 

I’m gutted. I found myself torn between being upset at seeing Daisy being attacked yet felt sorry for this little dog that has obviously had a hard time and that I cannot offer her a home. 
The little dog is a terrier mix and terriers are known for being little scrapers and who knows it may have calmed down in time but I do not know her history and it would be unfair on the animals in my household. She is great with people and I could literally do anything with her- clipped her nails and gave her a good bath for one! She is currently receiving assessment by a local dog charity before hopefully being placed in a suitable forever home. I wish her all the luck and happiness as she really does deserve to be loved and cared for! 


Oh my…

Yesterday I talked about how I nearly adopted a pug last week….well my other half (who is also a vet) brought home a dog last night! 
My other half works extra shifts at vets now referrals and emergency care. They had a dog handed in from a member of the public who had witnessed someone throw the dog out of a moving car on a carriageway. There are no words!
The dog is luckily ok and seems fit and well and not really phased by her ordeal. She loves people and this evening she met my lab Daisy and so far so good. 
The dog we have named Betty and she is settling in well. It’s early days and whether she will find her forever home with us is yet to be seen- the last thing I want is to upset my Daisy or Albert and I definitely don’t want to mess this little dog up any more than she already has been! 


Daisy is not herself today as she cut her pad on the walk this morning and has a bandage on. Tomorrow I will likely stitch it back together. 


All go!! Xx